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Compatibility of these sun/moon signs please?

Hi, can i get opinions on from anyone whose good with astrology on this as a match? Thanks


Sun: 1°53' Sagittarius

AS: 29°20' Taurus

Moon: 26°13' Scorpio

MC: 8°40' Aquarius


Sun: 20°42' Capricorn

AS: 25°13' Aquarius

Moon: 14°58' Aquarius

MC: 22°46' Scorpio

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  • Janet
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    8 months ago
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    A few corrections first:

    1. You have only given us the positions of TWO of the TEN planets.

    Astrologers use ALL 10 planets when looking for "synastry aspects" between two birthcharts.

    2. The only aspects that really matter to the Ascendant are:

    - One person's Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars is either in a conjunct or opposition aspect with the other person's Ascendant

    - Both Ascendants are conjunct each other

    3. The M.C./Midheaven only matters is one of the person is the boss/supervisor over the other person, in which case aspects to the MC affect the employer-employee relationship

    As for what you have provided, there are no synastry aspects between the Suns, Moons, and Ascendants. Except that her Moon is sextile his Sun. But sextile aspects are very weak and have little impact on the synastry. Conjunctions are very powerful. Squares and oppositions are strong, but are discordant. Sextiles and trines are harmonious but are a weak influence ... NOT enough to say "this might be a lasting relationship".

    Moon might aspect some OTHER planet, but we don't know where the other planets are. Or Sun to some other planet ... or.

    The problem is that you have given us very incomplete information, and the information you have provided shows nothing significant.

    So this is what you do ... Obviously you have exact/precise birthtimes or you couldn't have calculated the Ascendants accurately for both of you.

    So go to the following website. Enter the date/time/place for both of you. But you don't need the name (astrology is not numerology) ... just put in any word you want, to keep your personal information secure.

    This website does a free synastry analysis between two birthcharts.


    Note that no REAL astrology uses the Signs for compatibilty. Signs are only a style, and do NOT indicate if one style gets along with another style. It is the synastry aspects that show harmony/discord.

    And ALL synastry comparisons WILL have some discord in them. So what makes the difference between the relationship failing and succeeding, is not the astrology, not the sex, and not even the love . . it is how emotionally mature both parties are and how well they can handle the conflict without trashing or punishing their partner in anger or pain.

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      Okay thanks

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  • Cogito
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    8 months ago

    Astrology is just for fun.

    The date and time of someone's birth cannot possibly make any difference to their personality or their future.  You can't seriously expect this to give you any indication as to your compatibility!

    • lala
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      8 months agoReport

      Not true ;;it make all the difference

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