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My BF has a female friend that I don’t really like ?

Okay so my BF met this girl at work, they worked together for two years, and he actually ended up telling her he liked her , she told him they should just be friends , and that’s what they’re at now. I met my bf after her , and when I met him he would always talk about his coworkers, (they don’t work together anymore). I guess him, the girl and some other people were very close, he snaps her all the time, oh and he’s always making plans for “all of us to hang out” he always hangs out with his guy friend all the time, and I feel like he only makes plans with “all of us” so he’ll be allowed to see her. Okay so i really don’t understand all the effort he’s doing to keep her in his life. I have guy friends too, and it’s literally not “that serious” okay another example ! My family recently had a party , and i Told him to invite his friends , they all said they would go, but I’m the end they all canceled last minute, she was gonna Cancel too but I told him “tell her its okay, she can come” and he literally persuaded her to come. I thought it would be common sense NOT to bring a girl “friend” to your GIRLFRIENDS family event LOL so he brought her to my family event and idk it’s kinda sketchy 

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  • Juana
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    4 weeks ago

    You're STUPID. You gave him permission to invite her and you're wondering why he actually did. He clearly trusts you enough to bring her around you. I'd be content that he did. Not like he's hiding her. Grow the fvck up!!!!!

  • Z
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    4 weeks ago

    It seems to me that your BF really likes this girl and it's highly likely that he will date her if she ever agrees.

    You know, not all relationships are perfect. Some of us are in a relationship with a certain someone only because we are waiting for something better to come along, so I really hope this is what this guy is to you. Because it doesn't seem to me that you are enough for him or that you are who he REALLY, REALLY wants to date.

    My advise would be to tag along but seriously adjust your expectations from the relationship. Keep an open eye and, who knows, maybe you'll also meet a special guy who will enthrall you so much that you would thoughtlessly invite him to your boyfriend's family party.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    What is your question?

    "I thought it would be common sense NOT to bring a girl" You point-blank told him to bring her. He believed you. Don't lie and then get pissed because someone didn't know you were lying.

    Direct and honest communication. It's a thing we adults find helpful. You might try it sometime.

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