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A question for multilingual people?

What language do you think in and which is your native tongue?

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  • It depends on my emotions so I tend to think in several languages, if that makes sense. My mother tongue is Farsi.

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    My native language is Dutch.My daily language for the past 61 years has been English and I also use Spanish every day.I think mostly in English.Sometimes Dutch words come to my mind and very often I think in Spanish as well.

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    I grew up speaking English and Greek, and then learned Spanish and Italian. When I'm with people who speak those languages, I think in them. When I'm alone I mostly think in Greek or English, but sometimes in Spanish or Italian. When I was a student doing research, I often had difficulty locating some article I wanted to reference because I couldn't remember which language I'd read it in.

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  • 1 month ago

    Arabic is my native language.

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    Emglish is my native language, and when I'm aware of thinking in a language it's English. But every now and then I'll find a German or Russian or French word will pop up in my brain because it conveys the meaning better than its English equivalent.

  • so i speak japanese, german, and english. sometimes ill think in english or german, but mainly japanese. i didnt learn german until i was 9, and english until i was 10;

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    questions about the answerer are not allowed on Y!A

    I had thoughts before I could speak. I still sometimes have thoughts that I don't have words for. Don't you?

    Source(s): Dutch, fluent in German, English and Esperanto, semifluent in French
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      Sorry question police 🚨👮🏼‍♀️

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    Although I was born in the United States and spoke English until I was 12, I found that the more I learned of French, Spanish and other languages, I often spent a lot of time practicing the language. For French, I could think in French and dreamed in French. For Spanish, I tried the same technique and found I could think in Spanish but didn't dream in that language.

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    Japanese, my mother tongue is English

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