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I'm a meat eater and a dairy lover but I hate what happens to the animals and the gross mass production so I want to cut it out. Ive tried many times to go vegan and only been successfull for small amouts of time so this time im just going to slowly ease myself in starting just a few days a week. My main struggle is I have a nut allergy and all recipies and snakcs I search involve nuts. If anyone has any advice or recipes I would really appreicate it especially for breakfast because I stuggle finding breakfasts without dairy or eggs. 

I eat alot so anything from snacks for full meals I will be very grateful for. 

I'm looking to eat healthy so I can feel better in myself all recipes will be appreciated but ones for a healthy balanced lifestyle will be amazing 

Thank you   

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    I love refried beans and rice for breakfast. It's my savory version of "hot cereal" and I like it much better than oatmeal or grits. Or how about a toasted sandwich with hummus, avocado, onion and tomato? I actually like pasta for breakfast too. Why not some pasta with vegetables?

    Stop limiting your thinking to "breakfast" foods. There are lots of countries where people eat the same thing for breakfast as they would at other meals.

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    I think, because of dietary restrictions, you may want to look into locally sourced meat and dairy. It may be more expensive, but no more than your average vegan diet with the required supplements, and the animals are often much more well taken care of

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    Don’t go vegan it’s inhealthy

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    " ... hate what happens to the animals and the gross mass production .... "

    The videos are from decades ago, other countries, and/or staged.

    Life is not fair, the food animals have a better life than most animals.

    If you want to save the world, you need to figure out how to kill off 90% of humanity.

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    Oh yes the going vegan saving the universe moron. Just eat.

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