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Is Jesus God or the son of God?

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    The son of God, of course. There is no Trinity. It contradicts itself and many important scriptures.

    The New Testament makes three foundational claims about Jesus Christ:

    1. He is Jehovah incarnate, but not the God he worships and prays to.

    2. He is the creation of God.

    3. He is the begotten son of God.

    You'd think that more Christians would believe what the Bible says.

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      Jesus is not Jehovah incarnate. that is a lie. Jesus prayed to his Father and said he can not do anything without the Father in heaven.

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    Both and the only way you have seen God is when Jesus came in the flesh. God is Spirit and Consuming Fire. Flesh and blood does not relate to Spirit and it especially cannot stand against consuming fire. God wanted His creation to know Him so He came down in human flesh and walked among His creation for a reason. He came to win back eternal life that mankind (Adam, Eve and the fallen angel Satan) lost in the Garden of Eden. Only God is sinless and it took a sinless man to take away the sins of the world. For years animal sacrifices for sin covered the sins of the Jews, but Jesus came to take sins away and give eternal life.

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    According to Luke 1:26-35 when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary she stated she would give birth to God’s Son & that she would name him Jesus.

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    Neither......................Jesus is the gardener

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    As Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus was always God. But as God-in-human-form, Jesus (the man) was the only begotten Son of God. ("begotten" = human born)

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    No both of them. He is a prophet. Hallelujjah

  • Jesus is The Son of The Creator God

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    At Jesus’ baptism a voice from heaven proclaims: “This is my Son, the beloved, whom I have approved.” Matthew 3:17

    Whose voice is that? It cannot be Jesus’ own voice; he is right there with John.

    That voice is God’s. Clearly, Jesus is God’s Son. He is not God himself.

    Jesus said he was God's son, Almighty God said that Jesus was his son.

    Jesus plainly stated that he was more than a good man. He said: I am God’s Son. John 10:36 Of course, anyone could claim to be the Son of God. But if Jesus’ claim were false, what would that make him? Really, not a good man, but a great fraud!

    The most reliable testimony came from God himself. He twice said concerning Jesus: This is my Son. Matthew 3:17; 17:5 Just think: The Scriptures report only a few occasions when God’s own voice was heard on earth yet on two of them he affirmed Jesus as his Son!

    This is by far the best proof that Jesus was who he said he was. Jesus never claimed to be God, but he repeatedly spoke of himself as God’s Son. Even his enemies acknowledged this.

    Jesus never even suggested that he was God or was equal to him. So to teach such a thing dishonors Jesus.

    He is God’s Son. Whereas his father is Almighty God.

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    If you believe in such things, Jesus is the son of God and, as he had a human mother, he is actually a demigod. Christians invented the nonsense of the Trinity so they could have multiple gods but give the illusion of monotheism.

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    Psalms 83:18; John 17:3;Matt 4:1-10;Matt 3:17;John 3:16

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