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How can I convince my parents to let me get a hedgehog?

So I’m 14, I’m a big animal lover, and I really want a pet, but I’m allergic to cats and some dogs, and so I really want a hedgehog because they’re so adorable and most likely won’t affect my allergies. I’ve done a lot of research on hedgehogs and I know how to care for them. My dad’s ok with the idea of me getting a hedgehog, but my mom is worried that it will smell and is just grossed out by hedgehogs overall. I’ve told her that I’ll keep up with the cleaning and cage, but I’m just not sure if she’ll let me get one. Any tips?

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    YOu can't

    That simple You are whining and crying and begging and won't stop and that proves you will never take care of it and will be bored of it in a month if even that

    You've done no research what so ever as well and it shows

    hedgehogs stink, nothing gets rid of that smell and your parents will get rid of it

    They can't be held or cuddled and don't like that

    They need special diet as well

    They need special vet care that is expensive

    The fact you whine and claim you will take care of also shows you won't take care of it

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    They might look cute and although I realise they are bought as pets (probably reared in captivity) in places outside the UK, they are a WILD ANIMAL and that's where they should be living - IN THE WILD.

    In the UK, Rescues do pick up hedgehogs who are injured or orphaned, but they nurse them back to health gradually with minimal human involvement so they can go back into the wild, asap.

    Again I hate it that these WILD ANIMALS are being kept as PETS at all. Can't you find something small that is more suitable and not WILD?

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    First off hedgehogs stink they have a pungent odor. They're not at all cute like Sonic the hedgehog. They are full of very sharp quills like a little porcupine. You pretty much need to wear gloves when handling them. you're far better off getting yourself a teddy bear hamster. Take a close look at the needles on this hedgehog. They're not cuddly! I used to think that they were cute until I actually went to the pet shop and picked one up they feel like picking up a barrel cactus

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    May be a bit beyond parent call. In the US, many states ban them making their keep illegal.

    Beyond that, I beg you to reconsider. A friend, fellow zoologist owns an exotic pet store and breeds hedgies. He now mandates proof of residence where they are legal as so many would buy them, try sneaking them across state line, they are caught, fined, and the animal just euthanized.

    Even where legal, so many people are returning them, simply because they are not the pet they were thought to be. Now if you do have the patience and get the keeping know how and tolerate the cons with them, they can make for a wonderful small pet.

    As for smells,,they do, a lot of people use a hay for a floor over fleece or wood pellets to absorb the pee and poop. They run in their wheel, and poop when the urge hits and run in it, the poop foot syndrome. Cage usually needs good cleaning twice a week, perishable foods have to be changed daily or even they smell.

    No escape from the small animal smell, but you lapse at all with care, it can become offensive.


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      Tori Lynn's videos are a good resource. (The first you linked) She has a lot on care as well. :)

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    You are 14. Presumably you will be moving out at 18, either on your own or to college. What happens to the hedgehog then? Chances are pretty good that Momma will end up taking care of it then. I'm still taking care of my son's dog 8 years after he moved out. Give this a little more thought. Perhaps wait until you are out on your own and figure out a pet that fits your lifestyle.

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    I guess Simpson isn't aware that hedgehogs are bred as pets and domesticated. It is the African Pygmy hedgehogs that are typically bred as pets.

    As with any pet, proper maintenance will keep odor down. My hedgehog cage has no odor. The cage is cleaned out every couple weeks but the wheel itself is cleaned daily. (They like to potty while they run on the wheel at night.) I keep a litter box under the wheel with wood pellets. The rest of the bedding is fleece which can be washed. I have a few sets so I can replace one set while the other is being cleaned.

    You could explain to your mom how a hedgehog cage is set up and perhaps show her some nice setups from hedgehogcentral.com That visual could help her see that the setup doesn't have to be 'messy.' Not sure you can change her mind on how she sees the hedgehog itself.

    I'm also allergic to cats. Bear in mind that you'll need a CHE with a thermostat and thermometers. The cage should be a minimum of 8 square feet. You can see part of the CHE and the side of the thermostat behind the top photos in the collage attached. That is my hedgehog and the cage I made using the bottom of a TV cabinet (2' x 4')

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      Domesticated animals are those which must be raised and cared for by humans. African Pygmy hedgehogs that have been bred for generations cannot survive in the wild. These hedgehogs would die if "set free." Therefore they are not "wild." No magic. Just generations of domestication.

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    If you’re “a big animal lover”, why ON EARTH would you take a wild animal and force it to live in a tiny cage for life?

    If you want a small animal, go visit petfinder.com and find one that needs a home. Doing so will show that you understand pets aren’t disposable, wild animals shouldn’t be pets, and that you actually believe what you say about loving animals.

    Edit: Belgian Malinois are also domesticated, but you shouldn’t keep one in your bathroom. House cats are domesticated, but they shouldn’t live in a cage. It’s despicable, much like keeping parrots, tortoises, fish, chinchillas, etc.

    These “domesticated” animals are usually a hybrid of two wild animals. Wild. Animals.

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