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Is temporary wheezing a thing?

I wheezed in my chest when I laughed hard making me kind of cough. Afterwards, I wheezed when I coughed when I was laying down, but it was a voluntary cough to see what was up. I’m not sick and I don’t have an urge to cough at all. I’m 18 and have no breathing problems since I regularly run and exercise because of ROTC. I feel pressure on my chest, but that my be because I worked out today doing calisthenics like push ups. I’m just wondering if this was a one time thing? 

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    Could be a one time thing. It maybe a very mild asthma. If it continues, try taking a non drowsy antihistamine,

  • 1 month ago

    Ever had asthma?

  • 1 month ago

    you can be allergic to something or starting to have asthma. I'm not sure but try to see a doctor on this if it persists again or worse.

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