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Am I allowed to take my dads dog? ?

I’m 18 now and will be moving out of my dads house. Him and I literally don’t speak at all unless he needs something. He has a new girlfriend now and like always he wants me gone, so my boyfriend and I are going to be moving together. Can I get in trouble for taking my dads dog? My dad is not a good owner whatsoever, we’ve had our cute boy for 5 years now and he has never been to the vet or had his nails clipped until a few months ago when I forced my dad to bring him because our dogs nail broke off and was skirting blood. At that point we found out he’s way overdue on shots and has heartworms. Like I said it’s been a few months now and my dad hasn’t given him his heartworm medicine or clipped his nails. He’s never even given the poor boy a bath. I went away for a week and saw the dogs food was all moldy, he prefers to give him 1 can a day- the directions say 1 can for every 20 lbs and our dog is 85 lbs. I’m just afraid of getting in legal trouble when I’m just trying to take care of him. He deserves so much better. 

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    Say that it is your dog and take it!!!! The police will not get involved in a civil matter. Worst thing he can do is file suit against you- IF it came down to that, show evidence that he was neglected with your dad.

    IMO- take the dog then (so he can’t stop you) tell your dad you took the dog off his hands as a favor- Be nice and non challenging... It may be a non issue. God bless you for caring enough about the helpless fur baby!!

    ANNND- If you do not get that dog to the vet for heartworm treatment (part of it is ONLY done at vet office) it will be a non issue and the dog will die a slow painful death!

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    Not without your Dad’s permission

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    ask him first! if he says no contact animal protective services and tell them everything (its best if you gather proof first) and tell them you would take him. you need solid proof that could hold up in court if he decides to take it this far but from what you said i dont think they would let the dog live with him much longer

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    No, just ask him if you can take the dog. But don't say anything about this abuse. Just say you were wondering if you can take the dog with you and say that it looks like he has a hard time looking after it, if he refuses call animal control, or rspca. Or anywhere that will be able to take the dog. Or just take the dog, although this isn't a good idea. It's not right for abuse. Although you could go to jail for this. Just say why you did it, I'm sure at least someone will understand

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    I would just ask your dad to spend time with the dog doing this, and that.. and just keep taking off with the dog, eventually just don't bring the dog back. The dog probably should be eating dry dog food. Wet dog food, especially cheap stuff could be making him feel sick to his stomach. 

    Just know, if you acquire this dog, your dad will likely just get another and the cycle will continue. Why not instead just teach the dog some tricks, get your dad interested in the dog again, and improve it's food and wellbeing- ask to be reimbursed after the fact. 

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    10 months ago

    Ask him. If he refuses, go to animal control and ask for advice.

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    Your dad gives the dog one can of food a day when he should be getting 4 cans? How is there food left in the bowl to grow mold? The dog would be licking his bowl clean every day if he was only getting 1/4th of what he should get.

    The treatment for heartworms is a series of injected/iv medicines, cage rest and then supportive meds (such as anti-inflamitories).

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    Well as the dog belongs to your father just taking him without asking is bound to cause problems. Why not be tactful, and rather than complaining to him about his treatment of the dog, ask him politely, and civilly, if you could take him with you as you would really miss him. Once your father has agreed (hopefully) to that then he wouldn't be able to take him back. No point having a major family furore if you can be a little tactful hey. One wonders what his girlfriend is like if she finds his behaviour attractive. I feel another Yahoo Answers question coming ...

    Ps. Good luck!

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    Not without your dad's approval. Dog stealing is against the law. But if your dad don't care, by all means, take the dog home with you. & get that dog off of canned food. It's teeth will rot if only given canned food. Change the diet to kibbles, much healthier for the teeth. Dental work on a dog is expensive.

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    It’s his dog so if you take it, you can be charged with theft.

    If you want to take the dog legally, you’ll gavdyk prove that the dog is being abused or neglected. You have to convince the judge that the dog will be better off with you.

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