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What kills a chicken in broad daylight, eats a little breast meat, and leaves the carcass with no fence preventing taking the whole thing?

Two chickens killed, one week apart, broad daylight. Both found with stripped neck feathers (broken necks) and breast feathers pulled with some breast meat eaten. One was within a fence, one just outside a fence in my driveway. One partially disemboweled.

My understanding is that most daytime predators (fox, coyote, hawk) would carry off the kill to eat/stash in a safer place. In both cases, the predator only ate some breast meat at or near the kill. And did it while someone was home, moving in and out of the house.

Property is wooded on one side, busy highway on the other. So something is coming out of the woods but not taking the carcass back in. Opossum or raccoon would not theoretically do this in daylight, even though I suspect a smaller predator that couldn't easily move the carcass. NW Missouri. Never heard of weasels around here.

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    Someone in my neighborhood had a pet chicken decapitated by a hawk. The hawk didn't even eat any of the chicken; it killed it and flew away.

    I would suspect hawk.

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    pine marten maybe

  • J C
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    Either free roaming cats, or a dog. A wild animal would drag off the kill and eat it all. And most wild predators make their kills at dusk, or in the morning - not broad daylight.

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    Feral cats. Or any cat, a cat that someone allows to roam loose, a stray. Racoons will eat it all or haul it off and so will coyotes and dogs.

    Put down poison or get some live traps and trap the cats and take them to AC

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    Probably a fox.

  • Raven
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    Feral cat? That could be.

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