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What is the issue here ?

My fiancé really dislikes my sister. She hasn’t even met her face to face only seen her while working once. She feels like my sisters thinks she better than others. She did get the easier life I’ll be honest. She is 26 my fiancé is a bit younger. Anyway, she now has 2 kids and is a stay a home parent. Who has anxiety and can come off as rude. But yeah I don’t know how to tackle it. My fiancé has BPD and serious anger. I don’t know what else to say? 

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    The issue is that Anxiety disorder and BPD don’t mix well. They just never do. This the part where I have to apologize for being ruthlessly honest. The advice I offer you is that you need to remove yourself from this situation while you still can. I know you have feelings for this gal but you’re putting yourself in line for a lot of unnecessary suffering. An angry person with BPD is going to make your life a living Hell. If you don’t get out now, you going to endure a lot torment until you’re begging to get out. I’ve seen others go down this path and they hated every bit of it. They totally regret ever getting involved with an angry person. Don’t do it. Live in peace. There are a lot of much better people out there.

  • Foofa
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    The first thing to say would be that there's no wedding until your fiancee makes peace with the people who'll be her in-laws (if you for whatever reason decide to actually marry someone so unreasonable). Yes I know people with BPD and anger issues will never behave totally normally...but I also know that with anger management training and cognitive behavioral therapy they can learn to act appropriately even if they're not feeling it.

  • Pearl
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    it could be cause of her bipolar, wonder if shes taking her meds

  • Sparky
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    4 weeks ago

    Your fiance needs professional help, maybe medication.

    It sounds like she is jealous of your sister.

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  • Robert
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    So this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? You will have a lot of opportunity to referee the fights between your sister and future wife. Lucky you. You must be the envy of your friends. Do you really want to be married to someone who dislikes your sister whom she has never met? It seems like you'll be fighting off a lot of judgmental decisions in your future. "Your job sucks-quit. I don't like you going out with the guys-stop. Your sister is rude, I don't want her to visit, Christmas or not" So...decide on the life you want and act accordingly. But do it now.

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