What does a person have to do to get a job from companies.?

You can put application after application out on the web, and when you get that BRASSRING letter, the one that says "DON'T CALL US CAUSE WE AREN'T CALLING YOU" .  How is a person supposed to survive in this world?  

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    Apply for different positions via submissions of hard copies and or internet search then take a course with an institution to increase chances of being recognized by big companies.

  • 10 months ago allows you to post your resume and contains a job search engine to find jobs in your area. (Contract Job Hunter) lets you do the same. is another professional job connection site where you can post your resume, connect with other people who may have job leads and find jobs in your area.

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    having experience helps thus why a lot of teens have a hard time today finding jobs in general; when i was a teen i applied EVERYWHERE i gave no fk's what the job was i applied for mcdonalds, tacobell, dishwasher, w.e. nobody wanted to hire me because i had NO experience. now that i have many years of experience as a cook it is easy for me to find a job in my field.

    you need to apply for jobs you are capable of doing and not be picky that is the first issue a lot of people are picky af. idgaf if you are a dishwasher at mcdonalds or flip burgers a job is a job and is better then no income if people are too ignorant to understand that then sucks to be them. the 2nd thing you need to understand is you are replaceable WORK HARD to keep your job on a daily basis in the end this is what will get you better pay and promotions. 3rd working for a company long term also helps but i can understand if you are unhappy or want to learn what your company cannot provide you. i work in the culinary field as a cook every restaurant is different after working at 1 restaurant for 1 year i got the major things down and it just is too easy for me. i could go to another steak house and feel totally new just because they do things differently. just remember by doing so you gain more knowledge but also must take a pay cut as well since your starting from the bottom. it's a good and bad thing tbh.

    i literally have friends from college who worked only at 1 establishment since and haven't learned a damn thing outside of said establishment where as for me yea i dont make as much money as them but skill set wise i've gained more then them which is more valuable long term.

    you also need to understand when companies say they are hiring they are NOT always hiring. take for example mcdonalds might have a poster stating they are hiring trust me they are not this is called SCOUTING meaning they are looking for potential future employees. MANY companies do this it's misleading tbh and annoying when looking at jobs thus why when applying you need to apply constantly. don't wait for employee's to respond back if they want you they should respond within a week or less to setup an interview. keep applying and schedule interviews when they call you keep doing so until you get offered a job and if you get offered multiple jobs take what best fits your needs/wants dont be afraid to tell a company to fk off because like i said everyone is replaceable you decline a position they have someone setup to take it anyways.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Be a great fit for the position and demonstrate that you are someone they will want working for them.

  • Keep applying for jobs until you get an offer.

    Hopefully you have some savings to live off of.

  • Pearl
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    10 months ago

    maybe you can create your own job, i heard theres grants out for starting your own business

  • 10 months ago

    Simply by having the skills that the company needs.

  • 10 months ago

    Start by having a job food or whatever...but have a job. Then, apply everywhere and wait for the right fit.

    You aren't owed a job by anyone, you need to earn the job.

  • 10 months ago

    There is a great article on the Your Harmonic Resonance site about how to get hired for a job.

    I do not remember what page it was on so I cannot give you a direct link.

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