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Homemade yogurt?


Today I was given a weird yogurt starter, by a friend who came from Germany and told me this (the starter) is the real deal.

So I poured the milk on it, and I let it sit for about 7 hours. Now I’m looking at it and it looks weird, the milk has separated: the superficial layer is thick and looks creamy, and the bottom layer is too liquid and looks cloudy and weird.

Is this normal? 

I used pasteurised milk, should I be worried about consuming this yogurt I’ve made? 

Can yeasts cause some sort of severe gastric infection?

Thank you for your answers


It smells like Greek yogurt so I believe it’s not spoiled

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  • Clive
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    7 months ago
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    Congratulations. You have made cheese.

    What you should have done is heat the milk until it is hot but not boiling, then let it cool somewhat and THEN add the starter and leave it to ferment for 5-7 hours somewhere warm.

    Yeast is not a problem and will not infect you. I'd be more concerned if any harmful bacteria had got in. You just somehow seem to have made the milk separate into curds and whey, which is what you intend to do when you make cheese. You'd have to mix the two layers together to get anything like yogurt, or pour the whole lot into a cloth so the liquid whey can drain off and you might have an interesting cottage cheese.

    • Iddil7 months agoReport

      Gosh 😂 so there’s no way I can turn it onto yogurt? I did heat the milk till it was like 130 degrees but I didn’t leave it in a warm room, I just left it in my kitchen. It had a lid on and the jar was sterilised before adding the ingredients, so I hope no bacteria got in it. I’ll try the cheese 😅

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  • 7 months ago

    the bottom layer is whey. Stir and you will have a normal yogurt.

    Why not call your friend and ask her about this??

    • Iddil7 months agoReport

      She’s unavailable :(

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  • Pearl
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    7 months ago

    if you let it sit out it might not be a good idea to eat it

    • Iddil7 months agoReport

      So, by letting it sit outside I’m allowing it to separate?
      Should I put it in the fridge next time?
      Don’t I have to use some sort of incubator? Where it stays warm for some time and then cool it?

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