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Question for nurses: do you work on the holidays?

I want to be a nurse. My problem is I want a lot of kids. Maybe 3-4. I wouldn’t want to be working instead of being with them on holidays. Is it a choice to work on certain holidays? I really want to be a nurse, but this is stopping me.

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    I did a co-op at a med-surg nursing unit for half a year and I many nurses DO work on holidays. However, they worked 3 days a week at my unit and it seems their schedule is pretty flexible (as in they can negotiate and trade shifts with one another). I'm sure some placements even pay you double for holiday hours.

    Essentially, it's up to your employer. You can always try to negotiate your schedule

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    You can definitely be a nurse and avoid working on major holidays. Go to work for a doctors office. Monday-Friday 8-5 (usually) and closed for every major holiday. If you want to work in a hospital then you will probably have to work some holidays since obviously hospitals never close.

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