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How to look older but still a teenager?

I’m going to be 15 next month but i look 12. Usually this isn’t a big deal but i’m supposed to be going somewhere to meet really important people in a couple weeks and i don’t want them to think of me as a kid. I need to look like i’m 15/16. Any outfit/makeup tips and tricks?

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    First things first , if your room still looks like a 5 year old room.

    Then , get rid of the stuffed animals and Barbie dolls . Design

    your room to fix your style and personality . Repaint the room

    and add cool accessories . Use less makeup and donate old

    clothes .

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    Don't be in a hurry to grow up... you have no idea KID...

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    Where business attire  And carry yourself with a lot of confidence. 

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    Smoke meth and eat your scabs till you get jaundice

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    It's mostly our attitude and the way we act that reveal our age, not the face or the body. So be mature but of course pay a little attention to what your wear. Don't dress very childish or casual and make sure you take care of your hair too.

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    Plastic Surgery

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    Naturally, our face will be oily or dry.

    Or else it will have wrinkle or dis coloration of skin.

    Usually we put one ointment as base and powder above that.

    You put night cream over that another cream or sun block cream.

    Over that put face powder.

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    Here is some advice:

    - Be confident in the way you look. Perhaps choose a good outfit, wear a bit of make-up; as long as it gives you more self-confidence.

    - Don't try to pretend to be mature.

    - Don't go out of topic too much.

    - You may seem thrilled to be there but don't seem too thrilled.

    - Respect everyone bit more than they respect you because after all, you are much younger than them.

    - Maintain good eye contact when talking to someone.

    - Try to stand and sit straight, and don't have sleepy eyes.

    - It goes without saying, but try to think carefully before responding to something, as most teenagers rush out the thinking to give a fast response.

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    Yes. Look everyone you talk to in the eye and use LESS makeup than you usually do. Girls/women often make the mistake of thinking that more makeup makes them look older. But it doesn't. It's like a 15 boy with hair on his lip. He LOOKS like a 15 year old boy [or even younger] with hair on his lip. Don't ACT mature. But be mature. And that means... treat those you are meeting exactly as you are hoping they will treat you.

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