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Is it allowed to just buy a boat and sail out of America to Europe or something?


Will the US coast guard hassle me?

Update 2:

To all yall who keep sayin regarded passport related answers, I’m not like u peasants, I already have a passport. I didn’t know If a license of some sort was needed or whatever, no one is getting best answer til I actually get a best answer

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    YES you just have to by lay go threw a port of entry at the new docking place. ALSO you CAN BE HASSLED at sea by OTHER NATIONS NAVIES for being in their territorial waters if you have not contacted them to let them know who you are, where you are registered from etc. THEY MAY CHARGE YOU A BIG FINE and or JAIL IF you are breaking any of their MARITIME LAWS.

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    i bought yacht in states ...registered it with british small ships register think it cost about 75 pounds...took about three weeks to come back ,,then i sailed to cuba and anywhere else i wanted to go...reason you register it in your name is so you have a country flag on the back..if you enter another country without proper registration they will probably confiscate your boat my advice is register it.if you are leaving country you bought it in..if you buy boat in states they will issue you a decal. 25bucks .a license to use the boat for 3 months then you must register it there or leave .if boat stays you will be charged the sales tax..  if you buy decal you do not have to pay sales tax.this three months is more than enough time for registration to come through..  fair winds   when you sail to another country some times [usually]they ask you for certificate of departure from where you left..can be awkward without the paperwork  ...

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    If your boat has been Documented by the US Coast Guard as being a US vessel and is flying the US flag, you can sail it to Europe (assuming your boat is big enough to cross the ocean). Any boat that is big enough to sail to Europe MUST be Documented by the Coast Guard.

    You're supposed to carry the offical Letters of Documentation on your boat at all times. It's your boat's official "passport" in a foreign country. It's not YOUR passport; it's your BOAT'S passport.

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    Ask your mommy. Maybe she is smarter than you.

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    Is it "allowed"? Well, nobody is going to stop you. The problem would be any foreign country you try to enter. No country on earth just allows foreigners to enter without proper authorization. 

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    There is no law against leaving most countries. You would probably be noticed on radar at the country you are going to and its coast guard would stop you unless you had a passport and maybe a visa.

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    You know, I've always wondered the same thing. Cause I live in Canada, and across the lake I'm closest to (Lake Ontario) is New York State and I always wondered if I bought a boat am I allowed to just sail over?

    Not answer, basically me saying if you find out let me know.

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    You've got MY permission for whatever that's worth.

  • Anonymous
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    Not really, no. And good luck gaining entry to another country without your stamped passport.

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