Does anyone remember this cd rom game from the 2000s?

I can only remember some details, stay with me here: you were a teen girl and you had to do different tasks around town. You could customize your outfit and check your email and go to the mall and then you went to play soccer and the crowd held up signs that formed a picture (don’t think it’s that relevant but for some reason I remember this detail)? At one point you were working on the school newspaper and you had to go down the street taking pictures of raccoons popping out of trash cans? And then you had to memorize lines for the school play which was Romeo and Juliet. And then you were in the woods maybe for a summer camp thing? I’m sorry I don’t remember a lot I feel crazy because no one knows what I’m talking about.. I have no idea what this game is called and I just want to know....

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    90% sure it's one/all of the "purple moon" cd rom games, like "Rockette's new school" or the starfire soccer thing

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