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What is the phenomenon called where pigs grow hair and tusks and increase hormone production when put back in the wild?

Can this happen to humans (something similar)?

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    Pigs are domesticated animals. Their genetics have changed because of selective breeding. When they escape to the wild or are released, they are called feral animals, but the feral pigs do not always grow tusks. Those with tusks are actually hybrids between wild ones that have tusks and the domesticated individuals. A return to wild phenotypes or wild type is simply known as reversion.

    Humans have not been domesticated. We have become less athletic because there is no longer strong selection for athleticism after we started growing crops 10,000 years ago. Before that humans had to be hunters and gatherers to find enough food to survive. Modern humans live a more sedentary lifestyle so are not as physically fit as our ancestors who lived about 10,000 years ago. When a trait such as athleticism is no longer needed, then there tends to be more variation within a population for that trait. Some are athletic but others may not be since being athletic or not has no effect on one's ability to survive and reproduce. If humans have to start hunting and gathering again, those that are not athletic enough may simply starve to death. There will thus be selective pressure on being athletic again, as there once were before the invention of agriculture. The survivors will be those who are capable of hunting and running. That means the entire species will likely become more athletic on average than we are currently. Similarly feral pigs have more fur than the naked ones bred in captivity because not having hair can mean a pig will lose more body heat and are therefore more likely to die of hypothermia and they also spend more energy producing heat and they won't have as much energy to produce young pigs. Over time, selective pressure on body fur favors those that can revert to having more fur, either through new mutations or through a change in gene regulation.

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    yeah, that's where monkeys come from, dummy

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