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How do I get a cello?

Not for free of course!

I've been playing cello in school orchestras for quite a while now (I don't plan on quitting anytime soon), and I've recently become quite fond of cello. I love playing cello, and I find that I love it a lot more than playing piano, clarinet and saxophone (two of which I own-- and piano being not only one of those two, but the first instrument I learned how to play).

Now, I don't know about you but it really bums me out to think that I'll have to drop cello when I'm done with highschool, seeing as I'm always renting school instruments.

You can say that I can just rent a cello outside of school, but I'm sick of borrowing and renting. I want something a bit more permanent. I want to buy my own cello. Here's the thing though: My family is dirt poor and cellos are EXPENSIVE.

I'm not asking for cheap or free cellos. I want to ask for any tips. I want to save money for a cello, I really do. But good ones are so expensive.

How can I save/make enough money to buy my own cello? Keep in mind I'm still in highschool, and have never had a job. I don't know how to get a job, and frankly I'm scared to. But if it can help, I want any and all tips. Please.

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    I've heard that decent cellos are very expensive.  A good one is like $5000.

    So what I'd do is just keep an eye on Craigslist.  Check it every few days.  You never know what you might find.  Shipping would be expensive, so you want to find one locally, and that's what Craigslist is for.

    When you're just starting out, after high school or even after college, money is tight.  $5000 sounds like a lot, but not if it's really important to you.  I know people who own Harley Davidsons that are worth more than they make in 6 months, but their whole lives are tied up in the machine and they make certain sacrifices for it.

    The secret of happiness is that you can have anything you want, just not EVERYTHING you want.  You have to make choices.  If you really want a good cello, you will eventually have one.

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