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What is your philosophy on life/reality? Did you put a lot of though into it?

I've based mine on Buddhism, Psychedelic icons like Terrence Mckenna, and physicist actually and a unified field theory called E8 or the "Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything". I think reality is some type of simulation. That everything is made of language..much like a simulation is made from language called computer code. And that it is getting more complex faster and faster as time goes. I personally feel this as I know that everything is always communicating (expressing or reacting). And all that we see today is based on this communication even our evolution itself. I am trying to expand my idea on what reality is though so I am not really holding onto this outlook for dear life just it seems to make more sense and goes into more detail than most ideas. I would love to hear if you have some out of the box philosophies or even beliefs on what is going on. Especially if you have a lot of detail and spent time comparing it in the real world. And if not, don't hesitate to tell me about someone else I can look up.

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    I am also a product of Mckenna philosophy. I agree with you on nearly all counts. I do put a lot of thought into it. I read regularly and dabble in writing philosophy and psychology works. I tried being a successful philosophy writer, but it hasn't worked out for me. Now I just wing it.

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    Your purpose in life might be much greater than just your own personal happiness. You didn't make yourself, so you can't tell yourself why you were made. Even the great philosphers were only guessing about their purpose and the meaning of life.

    The saddest thing that can ever happen to a person is to go to their grave never knowing why they were here. To find out what your purpose is, you must go to your Maker and ask. Do so humbly and sincerely and you are guaranteed to get your answer.

    If your mind is hostile to this message, it is because you hate the thought of a God that has high standards and demands you change; that would ruin your automony... your desire to be your own god.

    Unfortunately you cannot afford NOT TO know this God. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?

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    You mean thought?

    If you mean by a simulation that Everything is Nothing and what we think of as Reality is really an illusion, then I agree.

  • Reality is what exists in accordance with the laws of physics...if you want to call those laws "coding", so be it.  If you want to call the results of these laws a simulation...I can't respond until you attempt to tell me what you think it's a simulation of, and the basis of that claim.  The "growing complexity" that you think is occurring is nothing more than humanities' growing awareness of laws that already exist.  The laws aren't changing, your ignorance is decreasing.

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    I'm a student of the Bible, a Christian and I live by the Bible's principles and Jesus' teachings. At Matthew 22:37-39 He said to him: “‘You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind.’ 38 This is the greatest and first commandment. 39 The second, like it, is this: ‘You must love your neighbor as yourself.’

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    Mine is pretty simple. Live and let live.

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    Reality is what we believe at any given time. For example, ancient Britons believed the world was flat and that we were the centre of creation, now we know we're an insignificant little solar system thirty thousand light years from the galactic centre and the only thing that makes it special is the beautiful blue orb we reside on.

    In the future, our reality may be just as flawed as that of the ancients when, and if, we discover multiple universes and discover that ghosts are ourselves in an alternative reality.

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    Milkshakes? What are you in the Matrics or something, tell you what, get a lighter or a book of matches, like a spark under the palm of your hand, if you not real, it won't hurt, if it hurts, your questions are answered.

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    I just accept that Shrek is love and Shrek is life. If you are confused I reccomend the holy god of shrek and nobody esle.

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