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Has anyone emailed someone so much about a bunny they want (or any pet)? ?

I feel silly and didn’t realise I have sent a lady soo much emails regarding a bunny I want I should have the bunny by now but because unfortunate events I had to wait another month then the bunny I wanted went to new home and now I’m getting another bunny.  I ask a lot of questions to make sure I’m getting the right bunny but just wondering has anyone else emailed a breeder a lot about a pet could be any pet not just a bunny. 

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  • Nathan
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    9 months ago

    As long as you have also asked to see the mother (as Well as where she lives) and proof that the parents have had genetic testing (to avoid inbreeding which leads to the babies having or being prone to certain illnesses), there's no issue with emailing.

    You need to make sure they are ethically bred, and ideally whether or not they were vaccinated before going into your care - if not then you must do so.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    It's important to get the pet that is right for you, but someone selling bunnies might be annoyed after more than a couple of emails asking questions. Also, I think you should consider using the word 'bunny' a little less often in your writing.

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  • PR
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    9 months ago

    I am sure other people have done this since they want to be sure they are getting the right animal and doing it the right way. Understand that anytime you email and put things in writing, you are giving the person exact words they can reread at any time. If they feel you aren't sure you want the animal, they will know this, too. 

    It might be better for you if at all possible, to call the person and ask questions this way. Or, even inquire with other breeders for questions, research information about rabbits online, and read books, so you have lots of information at your fingertips. A well-informed prospect may be more highly considered, since the breeder probably wants to be sure the animal has a home where it will stay. 

    There are also pet supply stores that sell rabbits such as Petco.

    If you decide to continue adoption efforts with the same breeder you are referring to, try calling them. If you decide to try a different breeder, try putting all your questions in one email and also try to get most of the questions answered by other sources if possible.

    Other sources for rabbit adoptions:

    -Pet supply stores

    -Animal shelters - yes they sometimes have bunnies

    -Petfinder.com (online resource)

    Do your research FIRST, and then the adoption process will probably be a little easier. Talk with people who have owned rabbits; go to rabbit chat forums and boards and ask lots of questions and read comments. Then, many of your questions will be answered.

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