why did my CD system do this?

i have a denon cd stereo dab system which i bought sometime in 2017, i think it is still under guarantee...but last night,i was listening to david bowie, the singles collection in bed...and i had the song 'rebel rebel' on repeat, so it repeated the track all through the night whilst i was in bed....it was repeating well as normal for a while....but then it suddenly jumped to another song on the cd?

also at one point, it repeated that song but started from midway through the song, not from the beginning? when i had it on repeat.

ive tried it again and its seems to be repeating the song normal, over and over now...but why did the stereo system do those errors earlier on?

any advice?  by the way, i bought the stereo from argos back then.

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  • 7 months ago
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    My best idea: 

    No piece of equipment is perfect. 

    Really, there is no way to know, 

    especially since it went back to normal. 

  • 7 months ago

    Because it hates you!

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