College App Resume?

Hi! I am a high school senior working on college applications. I have some questions about my resume.

Throughout high school, I have been actively involved in several extracurricular activities and community service events. I have a lot of meaningful things to add to my resume, but it causes it to go beyond one page. Is it ok to have a resume that is closer to two full pages? Will it hurt my chances if it is too long? If so, how long is too long?

My last question is whether or not I should add my GPA and standardized test scores. My GPA is 3.35 unweighted, 5.46 weighted (my school operates on a 6.0 scale for weighted GPA, and a 4.0 scale for unweighted). My highest SAT score is a 1260 (1270 when superscored). Is it worth it to add these numbers to my resume? Do I even need to? I've seen resume templates that include these stats, but other that do not. Should I add them?

2 Answers

  • 10 months ago

    Divide your extracurriculars based on type, importance, and hours.  For example, you can group school actives likes sports, theater, etc. where you put in 10+ hours a week for 6-10 weeks.  List one-time service projects separately. 

    As for the GPA and tests scores, do what you want to do.  If you list your GPA use the unweighted on 0-4 scale.

    The think I'm confused about is the need for a resume at all.  Doesn't the Common App have spaces for all of these elements? 

  • 10 months ago

    Do a second page for community service etc, but get the important bits on the front page. Refer to the second page at the end of your achievements.

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