Traveling NJ, Lincoln Tunnel to 12th Ave to 96th. Will rt take me to Mt. Sanai Hospital? info states restricted at times? Anyone know?

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  • 8 months ago
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    Mount Sinai Hospital is not on 96th Street. However, it's close enough that you might have to park that far away, so that's not the major problem.

    Also, you can't take the Lincoln Tunnel to 12th Avenue. Although the Lincoln Tunnel crosses 12th Avenue, they don't intersection; the tunnel goes under 12th Avenue. The exit from the tunnel is just after 10th Avenue; you have to make two left turns and then drive 2 1/2 blocks towards New Jersey to get back to 12th Avenue.

    However, the major problem is that the route that you describe goes through Central Park, and the portion in the park is sometimes closed, especially on weekends. Also, if the road is unexpectedly blocked by an accident or whatever, the nearest alternate is 10 blocks away, so you'll end up detouring 20 blocks to get there and back.

    The simple route that avoids the park is go east across midtown (if you've never been in the area and aren't in a hurry, take 42nd Street so you can see Times Square from inside your car) and then go north on Madison Avenue.

    The main building of the hospital is on Madison Avenue from 99th Street to 101st Street.

    If you can't find parking on the street, try SP+ parking at the corner of Park Avenue and 99th Street. Note that you can't cross Park Avenue there because of railroad tracks. The nearest crossing is at 97th Street.

    If this all seems too complicated, then just park near any bus stop on Madison Avenue between the tunnel and the hospital and take the Madison Avenue bus. Get off at the 99th Street stop, which is right across the street from the hospital. (Madison Avenue is one way north, so you can't get back the exact same way; the buses going the other way run on 5th Avenue, on the other side of the hospital.)

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      I have another question. Leaving the hospital (parking is included) I would go up to 101st, make a left, then left on  5th heading S. Can you tell me what street to turn on to get back to the tunnel to leave NYC? Would I be making a right onto 34th? Would that lead me back into tunnel to NJ?

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