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Britain's going to lose the Falklands anyway, Argentina is revving up their war machine, and next time they'll have help from their allies?

Why not sell those islands to the US and spare themselves the embarrassment of losing a war to a two bit country like Argentina?

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  • Foofa
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    Funnily enough the Falklands aren't the islands the US is currently interested in buying.

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    Too bad none of those allies have aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    On what allies?

    Two even with our depleted military the Argentinians would not stand an ants chance!

    The defences of the Islands have been greatly beefed up to prevent them from being taken again.

    Don't forget the Argentinian people do not wish to loose they sons and daughters to get the Falkland's which never ever belonged to Argentina in the first place.

    The war was to distract the Argentinian public away from the hideous crimes of it's military dictator.

  • Ludwig
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    10 months ago

    In 1982, before the task force set sail, I was standing in the centre of a Northern city in the UK when I saw something rather unusual. Namely, an atomic-bomber flying low over the city centre with its bomb doors open.

    Subsequently after the task force arrived in the Falklands, two atomic bombers flew the longest 'sortie' in aviation warfare history, to drop a large firework on the runway outside Port Stanley. It had no particular effect, and the Argentinians had the 'runway denying' bomblets cleared up within 24 hours...

    Since that time, French sources have claimed that Mrs Thatcher assured the French that unless they provided information regarding Mirage and Exocet weapons in the hands of the Argentinians, rendering them ineffective, that she would use a nuclear option against the mainland airbases supporting the invasion troops.

    There is no question, that at the height of the cold war, a signal that the UK was unwilling to use its nuclear deterrent in defence of its territory would have sent a catastrophically dangerous message to the Soviet Union. We would have dropped the standard UK nuclear bombs on those Argentinian bases.

    We now no longer have the Atomic Bombers used at the time. However, we do have submarine launched cruise missiles.

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    The US can't afford them

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    The US has no money, it owes $22.5  trillion.  

    The US government and population should be more worried about how it is going to get   its nuclear warheads out of Turkey.

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