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How could Johannes escape his despair in Kierkegaard's writing and does judge William's ethical existence mean that he is free of despair?

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    I like reading Soren because he and I grew up with some similarities and so his words resonate with me. Johannes probably is an existential thinker would be my guess—and Soren said that we use loneliness to describe the sorrow of being alone and solitude to describe the joy—meaning we choose how we react—but guessing even if we are free to be joyful we still feel despair. What are you reading?

    Kierkegaard was considered an influencer in thee existential movement—though it happened later. Anyway, he believed how one acts is, from the ethical perspective, more important than any matter of fact, truth is to be found in subjectivity rather than objectivity.[(Pulled that from Wikipedia)

    It’s my own opinion he’d still feel despair because moral choices can go against desire. I may not go to Disney with a friend because I was told by my parent no. It’s a moral choice to honor my parent—-but I still long for Disney

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      KIERKEGAARD either/ or and can you explain more?

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    9 months ago

    Your professor would be in despair if he knew someone here wrote your answer for you.


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