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How to make a great stage show?

I need help. I want to make a theatrical band, however, I want to learn how to come up with crazy things to do on stage. How can I come up with these visual ideas? Rammstein does things like set each other on fire, Metallica has a statue they build up to knock down, Alice Cooper gets beheaded, etc.

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    Focus on playing music. Everything has been tried and if you do come up with something new itll only buy you 10 minutes of fame.

    Seriously, research The Dwarves, Butthole Surfers, Dead Boys, The Germs, G.G Allan, Anal Cvnt, Mayhem, Bauhaus, and Guns N Roses.

    Research all of those bands shennanigans, all thhe crazy schit they did on stage, and all of the things that hapoened to then just by chance.

    Heck even throw in Def Leppard with Rick Allen losing his arm snd Steve Something Or Another dying of alcohol poisoning.

    You cant surprise people any more man. Just play music and be great at it.

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