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Could WWE have to bring back a new age Attitude era ?

Im not saying the same old stars and what not, most of the stars who were around in the attitude era are retired or in their 50's and winding down.. but with AEW rising in popularity it might come to a point where WWE have to mix things up?

Could they bring back that factor that anything can happen on any show? Have massive title changes at random points? Just have a random fan favourite like Ali defeat Lesnar for the WWE title by a fluke on Smackdown, have stipulations in matches and unpredictability and abit of hardcore back!? Could this be possible?

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    WWE will never go back to adult oriented wrestling and drop their kiddie fan audience. Even with Cena gone. Now if Cena goes to AEW it will literally sink WWEs ratings.

    They should definatly keep hogan away from there because Hogan ruined tna with russo.

    AEW should keep out Russo.

    WWE needs to get rid of most of their boring g roster, cut the 3 hour shows, extra brands, and stop talking so much.

    WWE matches are way too rehearsed also.

    So AEW is going to stand out and the real thing.

    This section is mostly WWE Mark's and is usually a ghost town.

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