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Did people ever treat you as tho you need to listen to music more modern & American, and when/ what kind of music were they pushing onto you?

I was born in 79, and in the early 90s everyone in my age group started pushing music onto me hardcore. I loved the oldies. The Beatles,  Supremes,  Bill Withers, British invasion,  etc... a few modern groups got some attention like red hot chili peppers,  no doubt,  ace of base, and Micheal Jackson at times.  However,  99% of the time I'd be listening to oldies.  When psycho rap and heavy metal came out,  there was a huge push from peers to get me listening to it. Anything about drugs,  sex and killing was the #1 choice in middle school. Sure the oldies had their drugs,  and some sexual content,  but compared that to snoop dog or rob zombie? Common... why was it so important to get every kid listening to this crap back then? Was this just happening to me? It wasn't lightly,  and my memory is clear.  This was a severe problem where I grew up. Did any of you experienced this,  and if so,  when,  what music were you listening to,  and what was being pushed onto you?

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    What does this have to do with finance?

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    Most people that know me would be impressed if they could get me to listen to ANY music.

  • Anonymous
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    I'm ten years older than you are and I can remember New Wave being the "thing". If one was a tad rebellious, one listened to punk, particularly British punk.

    Rap and grunge were not a thing yet.

    All kids are subject to fads/peer pressure whether it be in music, clothing, etc. Some fads are utter crap and some stand the test of time. My teen years were filled with acid wash jeans jackets, Rubik's Cubes, Swatches, Forenza sweaters, jeans with zippers on the ankles and the ice cream logo and Rock the Casbah. Thirty-five years later I still love Rock the Casbah.

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    When rap music hit the scene, it was something completely new, & different. People had already set the stage for rebellious behavior in the 60s, so it was taken to the next level. It wasn't about being free anymore tho, as that argument made as many changes as could've already. Now, it was just about being free to be as bad, & as sinful as anyone could fathom. Parents of 90s children were very relaxed on parenting & many of them worked hard to get as big a piece of this world as they could. This in turn, caused the relationships in families to become weak. Many young children were finding good cause to rebel. Everything was being bought up and owned, so people were training themselves to become increasingly insensitive to prepare for a future with very little vacancy. The cravings for violence grew as a means to create fear, & prepare to force change. You were standing on the wrong side of the battlefield during this war between generations. Your comrades were trying to recruit you.

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