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HELP! Can anyone tell me these answers please?  1) Increase 20kg by 8%  2) Write 2.03 x 10 to the power of minus one as an ordinary number?

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    Percent is literally "Per cent" - 1/100th ratio, like cents on the dollar or pence on the pound.

    As in, a dollar increased by 8% is $1.08

    For any other value to be changed by a percentage, image you are doing it for a dollar or 1.00 then multiply or divide by that amount, as appropriate.

    20 x 1.08 = 21.6

    ... x 10^something is simply shifting the decimal point.

    -1 means shift it one place to the left:

    2.03 x 10^-1 = 0.203

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    What does this have to do with finance?

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    Yes, I CAN do 3rd grade math in my head.

    NO, I don't intend to do your homework.

    You actually asked if anyone CAN, not for the answer to you homework questions.

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