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Why doesn't 'shuffle' actually work on any audio flash players?

So in my household I have about 4 of these USB media ports and one in my car, 5 in total. They use USB flash memory sticks which are supposed to shuffle song tracks (obviously when 'shuffle' is enabled). Despite an average of around 700 tracks per flash stick, I find these players only

randomize tracks from the first five artists on the stick. So it is not truly shuffling anything, it just plays the same few artist folders in sequence. I have tried all kinds of brands from Kingston to Samsung. So WHY basically?


* Manuals only mention operation of units, that's why I thought I'd pose question here

Update 2:

Robert J I would nominate your answer but it simply is not showing up on this feed, I can only read it on my

notifications page. Yahoo answers is ridiculous now!

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    It is because of the way files are accessed.

    Sorry, but no player can handle as much as you are trying to throw at it.

    Some players are more capable than others, but all of them have limits.

    Read The Manual for each one to find out what it can and cannot do.

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