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Was Adolf Hitler the greatest leader/politician of the 20th century?

Do you agree or disagree? 

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    - He put a Rothschild in prison.

    - He printed his own currency. DEBT FREE

    - He created millions of jobs for the Germans.

    - He told the world the truth about the international banking system.

    - He protected Western Europe from Bolshevik Communism. If it wasn’t for Hitler and the Germans.. all of Europe would be communist. And yes it’s true that the brave German soldiers lost against the Russians on the eastern front.

    -Best of all.. he made Deutschland a powerhouse.

    ...meanwhile the United States is 22 trillions in debt.... and 1.3 trillion belongs to China.

    And this is what Hitler did...he broke Germany from this bullshit debt system.

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    Answer your question with one right back at you.

    Would you name your child Adolph Hitler .

    Then send him to an inner city minority school.


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    no i disagree, Adolf Hitler hated jews, when is that ever okay? All humans on earth are equal no matter what race, religion, skin color they are.

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    Yes, Hitler accomplished a lot in his day and got what he wanted. Not many politicians nowadays can do as good of a job. There was a saying back in Germany, "if you want a job done get a man like Hitler and the job will be done quickly."

    Source(s): I am Jewish
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    Lol no he is the face of the democrats though

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    I suppose one cannot deny that he was a fairly effective strategist and definitely brought out the fanatical fervor of his followers.  However, he had a few key flaws, the first of which being that he was an insane mass murderer, second he had hubris and unreasonable expectations of the greatness of people based on their ethnic characteristics, and he was severely lacking in his diplomatic skills.  He had potential, but he did not apply it in a reasonable way.  If he had chosen a more moderated peaceful path, or even engaged in conquest without the need for genocide, he probably could have achieved more.

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    Absolutely not. In recent memory the greatest leader was probably JFK.

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    He had his moments, but in the end he was a stunning failure.

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    god no he was the worst

  • 10 months ago

    excuse me what the ****

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