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Why can’t I leave a review on google?

When I go to write a review it sends me to the sign in page and when I press sign in it sends me to another sign in page and then it’s just a endless loop of sign in pages. I really want to leave a nice review for my nail salon. 

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    9 months ago

    It sounds to me like you're trying to leave a person a review did you previously left a negative review for and they reported your IP address and now Google is performing a trace on you to find out where you're at. My apologies if this is not the case but what you're seeing is the standard pop up that's part of the traits for people that leave unwarranted negative feedback on Google they want you to sign in as many possible times as you can so they can triangulate your location and send somebody to see you! Again my apologies if this is not the case clear your browser cookies and your browser history and try again if you're not trying to leave somebody unwarranted negative feedback!

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