What should I do?

Recently, I have had this very bad headache for a month now, like continuous pain and other symptoms like worsening memory and dizziness. I have also experienced fainting episodes along with the other symptoms.

I thought it was a migraine, but after talking to a doctor they gave me migraine medication which made my pain 100x worse, like excruciating pain, I went back to a different doctor who told me it wasn't a migraine as a migraine wouldn't last this long and I would have responded well to the medication.

2 days ago, around 9:30 at night I started having new, stranger symptoms, My body started to shake and twitch uncontrollably (whilst I was conscious) and my legs began to stiffen which made it very difficult to walk and I was having balance problems as well. My head was in so much pain and also had a strange feeling I find it hard to describe. I was advised to call 111, which I did and they told me to go to A&E. Throughout the night my symptoms got worse and I felt really confused and a bit delirious but I felt as if it kept coming and going and coming back again. I also had difficulty talking, I kept stuttering really badly (I have no past history of a stutter) and long breaks in my sentences.

The doctors tested my blood and also did an ECG, but they both came out clear, and so they told me they weren't going to do any more tests and that I could go home, even though I was still experiencing all of the same symptoms. What do I do now i'm still having the same symptoms

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    What I am wondering is do you and I have the same thing? I have the same symptoms and been having so for nearly 3 years with 3 trips to A&E and 4 different doctors the have found nothing. They've done the same test as you but despite them saying they won't do anymore I am going to push until they do. Alot of people find later in life their pain could have been resolved if more tests had been done. If you want more test done go to your GP and ask them, if they refuse ask them to write on paper why they refuse. Stay determined! You shouldn't have to live with the unbearable pain. I say try and get an MRI.

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