Do I need an import permit to send a gift from the US to a friend in Egypt?

I'm looking to mail a small gift to a friend in Cairo. Its a book valued at about 20 USD. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that Egypt requires an import permit for gifts and commercial items valued higher than 20 Egyptian Pounds (which is about 1.36 USD). Requiring a permit for something as cheap as a book (or a pack of chewing gum for that matter) seems a little excessive. Does anyone know from experience if what I read is true? And if it is, where can I get the permit?


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  • 7 months ago

    EGYPT has their rules. You are not required to like them.

    Obscene or immoral books are prohibited. THEIR definition not yours.

    The US Postal Service uses three different customs forms: PS Form 2976, PS Form 2976-A, and PS Form 2976-B

    A and B are probably for you.

    You can get them at a Post Office or online

    If you do not want to follow the rules your package might be returned to you, seized and destroyed by Customs or your friend may get a bill before they get the parcel.

    • This answer fails completely to address the question. I didn't ask about US customs forms, I asked for confirmation of needing an EGYPTIAN import form. I don't have a problem with following Egypt's rules and filling out their forms, I just need to know if I need them and where I can find them.

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