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Need to Leave California ?

Want to remain in the Western part of the US what are some good options as far as relocating ? 



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  • 9 months ago

    I lived my whole life in California.  I loved and defended it.  Now, I cannot say a kind word about it.  I, too, will be getting the hell out of here the instant I no longer have to care for my elderly parents.  But I could not stand to live anywhere in the western part of the country.

    • shawn8 months agoReport

      where you thinking of relocating to ?

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  • 9 months ago

    Try Tucson, Arizona or Pueblo, Colorado.

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  • Foofa
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    9 months ago

    Depends on what you're looking for. Northern Arizona might be a good compromise as it has some of the winter weather one finds in Colorado and isn't as blazing hot in the summers as the southern part of the state can be.

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  • 9 months ago

    Are you asking if you need to leave California?

    WHY are you leaving? The weather, the scenery, the job, your family, the neighbors ????

    What do you want at new place? A short drive back home. A job you can get? A house you can afford? A view out your window of ....?

    Some tax free haven?

    IF you really want some help give a little more detail or just toss a dart at a map and go there.

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  • 9 months ago

    Please ask a question.

    For the most part, you never provided a reasoning.

    • D.E.B.S.
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      9 months agoReport

      "what are some good options as far as relocating ?" Pretty sure that's a question.

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  • A.J.
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    9 months ago

    California is a large state with varying living environments, and people generally have to earn a living. The question is too vague about what you would be looking for, and cities and towns say a lot more than US States.

    The west is Mountain (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming) and Pacific (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington). I'm in Las Vegas, NV. Reasonable cost of living, 24/7 activity available, great food, but very arid and a five month hot summer. Albuquerque NM, Reno area NV, Colorado Springs, Tucson AZ. Need more info as city counts more than state.

    Per comment, from Southern Cal, All of Colorado gets cold winters. Much of Nevada and Arizona and New Mexico get very hot summers and a lot of desolate areas. Major cities in Washington an Oregon have become expensive. My suggestions:

    Investigate smaller cities in western Oregon and Washington, Albuquerque, Tucson, maybe Reno, Possibly Austin TX. Look for climate, activities, housing costs, any employment you need, socio-political environment, health care

    I love Las Vegas, and Southern California people visit and move here, but the 105F typical summer means a lot of indoor living.

    $1500 a month rents a 2BR 1BA single family 1100 sq ft home in Pomona, CA as about best listing of size at price

    $1450 a month rents a 3BR 2BA single family 1800 sq Ft in the premium Summerlin section of Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is popular change, but the temperature/humidty is a notable difference.

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    • shawn9 months agoReport

      I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life it’s become very expensive here need a change

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