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Proper way to back up on road test?

I’ve taken my road test two times and failed both. I wasn’t failed for how I backed up but each instructor explained that I didn’t do it right. The first time, I looked out my back window with my arm behind the passenger seat because that’s what I was taught in drivers ed. She told me that was wrong and that I was to only use my mirrors, the side mirrors and the rear view. I was confused but I remembered that correction. I went for a second time and only used my mirrors, like I was instructed. The second instructor then told me that was wrong and to use my back window along with my mirrors. I’ve been told three different ways to back up and all of them have been wrong apparently. So my question is, what is the proper way to look while backing up? And what did you do on your road test? I’m going again Friday and I don’t want the simplest part to mess me up. I’m not looking for judgement, just answers. Thank you! (If it matters, I’m from Massachusetts)

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    Make them give the assessment in writing, then take it up with the manager. The first one was dead wrong. You're supposed to turn to look back, but check the mirrors too. If you're backing a bobtail truck, which has no back window to look out, the only way is to use the side mirrors, but for a car turn around enough to look back and check the mirrors too. Best for you is to read the driving manual again and carry it with you so you can correct a bad judgement call.

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    I don't know what the custom is in Mass., but here in England not looking out of the back window when reversing would be a fail.

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    Use the method you were taught in your driver's ed class. If the examiner marks you off for doing that, you can protest the failure with the DMV management.

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    In the law -- there is NO improper method.

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