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What's this nail style? ?

I dont get my nails done and wanted this for my wedding. 

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  • The shape is square. If you're going to a nail salon and that's what then you should take a picture of the nails with you. Show them the picture and tell them you want to do something like that.

    To me it looks like turquoise polish with sliver glitter tips. I can't tell if they have acrylic or gel nails.

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    Box type.. not good for Weddings...  good thing your not getting married..

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    I am not sure the style................

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    it is a pretty color but I dont know they style type sorry

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    4 weeks ago

    Looks like a glitter tip dip. You paint the nails and while the final coat is still damp dip the nail tips in glitter powder. It will stick to the damp nails.b You can also use glitter polish on the tips. If you do glitter dip tips use a good top coat over to seal in the glitter. China Glaze in the picture sells the teal polish and they sell both powder dips and glitter polish.

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    Print it and take it into the nail salon.

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