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North node, Saturn, Neptune &Uranus in 10th house,Midheaven is Capricorn, while Saturn in Aquarius, how successful will this person be???

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    Nobody can say; a lot depends on luck, (being in the right place, at the right time, knowing, or getting along well with certain people, etc, etc), and what could help here is having a well aspected Jupiter in the 10th house . With Saturn here the person will probably have to work hard to get where they want to get and maybe carry on working hard to stay there. Neptune here could suggest vagueness and maybe being unsure about what type of career. Uranus suggests the person could prefer to be able to do things how they want them to be done, in their own way and not having someone looking over their shoulder all of the time. A lot depends on how the planets are aspected. Any planet close to the North Node could maybe help them to develop their life in beneficial ways though and in so doing also enables better use of the positve traits of their South Node in their private life concerns.

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