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How do I get into watching sports?

How do people pick their teams and do I need to know the rules first. If so, what’s next. I’m really confused on how to get into sports.

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    Most people pick the team of their nearest big city; so, if you live in Fresno, it's the LA Rams or the SF 49ers. (It's the 49ers from SF to the California state line with Oregon.) If you went to college, it's your alma mater.

    Read the rules, sit with someone who is willing to explain things to you (You treat for the beer and pizza.) Give it a try for a season or two. If you don't like it, you don't, and stop. It would be a dull world if everyone liked the same thing. Go back to rock climbing or genealogy or classic movies or stamp collecting.

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    I think most "boys" get into a sport because they played it when they we young. They also get into them via school teams, whether they played or just watched, it's a social activity. Girls tend to get into via the social aspect. As far as picking a team to follow, I think most people end up supporting the teams that in their immediate area, the one the local news reports on, the one that is on TV.

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    You don't need to like something just because other people do.

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