Do you think my friend is lying to me about his "reoccurring" dreams?

My friend likes to text me. He tells me he has been having sex dreams about his crush. But the way he goes into detail about them makes me think he is lying. He says things like "I see her car pull up, then the doorbell rings. I answer the door and she is in lingerie and tells me to come upstairs." More or less the dreams are similar. He also says once they are in bed he said "And when she took off my belt, I knew things were about to get hot." Then he goes into details about sex. He claims that he is having these reoccurring dreams to various degrees.

He is still a virgin and hasn't even had his first "real" kiss yet.

I personally think he is just fantasizing. I even told him once "Just be careful or you might become a dad!" LOL.

Can people really remember dreams in that much detail? Do you think he is just trying to impress me?

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  • 7 months ago

    He wanna intimate u to tell him about ur sex affairs

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