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is the tasmanian tiger really extinct?

many eyewitnesses report to have seen live tasmanian tigers recently in the wild. many have produced photographs to back their claims. some eyewitnesses have said their sightings of the tasmanian tigers is so common they didn't even realize experts consider them extinct.

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    I have seen some pretty good evidence in a couple films. One in particular, looks very convincing. There are tracks and sightings but unless they have a much better film, a body, or convincing DNA samples, it will remain unproved. A Tasmanian Tiger is a marsupial so it is just as accurate to call it a tiger as a wolf. It is obviously neither and simply a good example of convergent evolution. It's tracks are distinctive and not similar to a dingo or a fox. I watched a show on TV not so long ago and the guy showed some tracks that may very well have been from a Tasmanian Tiger but tracks can be faked and so are just interesting and maybe a bit of additional evidence if confirming a filmed or seen individual. but we need much more to be sure. If they could provide proof, it would be worth a lot of money to various organizations so I don't believe those that suggest they could easily prove it. It would take long years of field work and luck and that is assuming some actually survived to present. They are almost certainly not alive on Tasmania. The reported sightings were on the mainland of Australia.

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    No 100% proof has shown up for almost 2 decades now.

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    To all extents and purposes there is none in captivity

    and none have been counted I the wild

    Although their distinctive call has been heard in places

    And Sheep have been found with their heads almost ripped off

    Despite its Canine looks, it was a Carnivorous Marsupial

    Its master Stroke was a Jaw that could open a complete 180 Degrees,

    and very fond of Sheep's Blood

    Tazmania is dense Forest so there is still plenty of heavy cover

    I have often wondered how one would get on against a Tazmanian Devil

    they have been decimated by Jaw Cancer lately

    And the last Tazmanian Aborigine died in I862

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    Scientists cannot prove the negative. We cannot prove that the marsupial wolf (aka Tasmanian Tiger) no longer exists. It is presumed to be extinct because there is no positive evidence that there are still living individuals in existence. Of course the hypothesis that it is extinct can be easily falsified by presenting evidence that they are still around. DNA evidence would be nice, and a live one that has been captured would be even better.

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    The Tasmanian tiger has been reported in Australia and supposedly there have been several of them captured and pictures taken of them here's one of those pictures

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    Well, where is this evidence for expert review?? Last confirmed sighting was 1936.

    Extinct,,maybe not, but sightings mean squat without confirmation.

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