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Things to do with kids?

Hi there!

So I have really bad fatigue (I suspect CFS). By fatigue I mean, if I walk to the end of the block right now and back. I’m sleeping for the next 6 hours and I’m sore. That fatigued. Im in treatment but haven’t found the cure yet and frankly I don’t think there is one.

So anyway, I have my kids every other weekend and I need activities I can do with my kids that aren’t overly tasking on me. I’m willing to sacrifice being immobilized the next day or two for them to have a normal experience for once. My absolute limit for mild activity is 4 hours. I need something light on me but will keep us all engaged.

I had a couple ideas. Like, simon says and timed races (I’m timing). They don’t see me often because of my illness so when they do, sitting and watching them isn’t an option because they want my attention. I need more ideas, my brain took a year to come up with just that.

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    you could always play board games with them

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    It would help to know how old your kids are. But driving them to a park or the beach and sitting still while they play is always an option. Going to a movie shouldn't be all that taxing on you. Maybe look into things like board games and puzzles, stuff you can do at home without exerting yourself too much. Another thing might be to arrange for them to take an art class or a cooking class. If you're able to drive them places then you can just remain seated while they do their thing.

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    yeh i knw what you mean

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