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Is it wrong for members of a church congregation to make critical remarks about the pastor amongst themselves?

A while ago, management voted against installing air-conditioning even though our pastor really wanted it (we're in southern FL). Our financial situation is not great but we are still in the black.

We also very recently denied the pastor a few other things including a financial allowance for him to move into his own home rather than reside in the Church's residence. Additionally, we refused to fund repairs to the house given that he was not maintaining the residence himself (i.e. lawn mowing only once every 3-4 months, food scraps everywhere, lack of vacumming, etc.).

Lately, our pastor has done some things to really put off many people in our congregation. His more recent sermons have left a lot to be desired. In Childrens' Church he has talked about "intercourse" referring to the fact that, "Unlike most women, Mary never engaged in having sex with a man in order to have a Child."

He has been doing things to the Church building that were never approved by our managerial team, such as setting up a portable air cooler and heater to respectively cool and heat himself while preaching. It looks cheap and it's a total embarrassment for those visiting for the first time. He has also brought in a friend's old drum kit that's in mediocre condition so that his nephew can hit the drums the few times each year that he attends. This was also never approved.

Under such circumstances is it wrong for members of Church to make such remarks about the pastor among each other like this?


His daughter recently had a wedding. No one in the congregation at his church was invited. Yet he prayed about the wedding at every service he conducted in the prior weeks and months. I think a lot of people in the group would be perfectly happy to see him gone.

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    It sounds like a typical Christian church, criticizing and condemning without coming up with solutions.

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    It seems that having an opinion is against the rules in some churches.

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    You want to get rid of him and you are looking for ways to do it. There is no reason people in the church couldn't mow the parsonage lawn, since you own the property and it is your duty to maintain it in a habitable condition and in compliance with local laws. A perk property will fall under the same laws as a rental property and it's the churches duty to maintain it. It's nice when a pastor does his/her own maintenance on the property, but not all pastors do.

    He shouldn't have to fight you for air conditioning, especially in Florida.

    Now, the fact that you are posting this all here, tells me that it's most likely a load of crap. I actually see, I am not the first person to call you out on that.

    That said, I have actually known church councils like that. However, they seek out any and all reasons to hate the pastor, because they reject him, not because he has actually done anything wrong.

    If your story was actually a true story, then your course of action would be to talk to him. Tell him he isn't a fit for the church. Request a change through whatever system your particular church uses. This might mean living out the rest of his contract. During this time, you should help him mow his lawn, install the air conditioning for the next pastor, and help him maintain the churches property.

    And there is absolutely no reason anyone in the congregation should be invited to his daughters wedding unless you are related to him or have been friends with him before he took the position as pastor of the church.

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    You sound like Trumpsters.

    Infantile and petty.


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    Very wrong as well as illegal. In the U.S. that's a federal felоny, punishable by 3-5 years in a federal penitentiary and subject up tо a $10,000 fine.

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    You have provided proof of the adage, "The longer the story, the deeper the manure."

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