I took my road test in cherry hill. Am i allowed to take it there again or do i have to go somewhere else ?

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  • g
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    7 months ago

    You can retake your behind the wheel driving test at any New Jersey DMV offices, including Cherry Hill.  

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Are you saying you FAILED the test?  In 2 weeks time(they give you that time to learn how to drive some more with your dad sitting beside you while you practice....) you can try again.  Just because you live in Cherry hill does not mean you will get the SAME EXAMINER. & they know where you been, and there is more than 1 route they can take to have you drive around in, so you HAVE NO CLUE where you will be driving or who will be your examiner.  The next one may see something the first one missed.  They are not going to tell you....you know at the end when they pass you.  If they fail you, they will no necessarily tell you what you did wrong, you got to KNOW what you did wrong yourself.  Could be parallel parking, could be how you drive.  Most of the time it is HOW you drive with the other traffic.

    Cherry Hill/Cherry Hell

    tomaytoes, tomahtoes

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