When I’m bored or have artists block sometimes I’ll start writing “Deep Blue” and I won’t be able to stop. My brain will get stuck on repeat?

I get super frustrated and it goes from pretty cursive to all sorts of rushed scribbles like what I’m writing isn’t enough? Like I can’t write it big enough or fast enough or something, and it drives me crazy. I’ve even written over art I was really proud of or notes that were really important without even noticing because of this. It stops whenever I get so upset I just drop my pencil or stop moving altogether because I remember I’m in public. Is it some sort of nervous tic? Often I’ll be able to doodle peacefully and come up with instagram-worthy doodle pages and take notes that my classmates would copy. But sometimes something about my mood is off and I won’t be able to draw the way I want or focus the way I want and it all goes to hell. 


Basically is this a nervous tic or something?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Then just stop doing THAT and go out for a walk.

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