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Which of these cruiserweights in WCW were having the highest quality matches?

Chris Jericho

Eddie Guerrero

Dean Malenko

Ultimo Dragon

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Juventud Guerrera

Gregory Helms

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    I tried to refresh that other answer but it just wouldn't show. It's a shame really but this isn't the first. I'll answer this but don't you think this Yahoo issues should be addressed?

    Chris Jericho - Jericho's been good at WCW and he has had some great moments there. In terms of wrestling, he was very good in WCW. His feud with Malenko was great and they had a four star quality match at Uncensored and an even better one at Slamboree. He also had a great match with Juventud at Superbrawl 8. He was shining in WCW but when he was pitted against Goldberg, it ruined him. WCW wasted him on Goldberg there. Jericho was better in WWE though.

    Eddie Guerrero - He was certainly one of the best wrestlers in WCW. His match quality is good and he really had great matches with Mysterio at WCW and he had a near four star match with Ric Flair and even Billy Kidman.

    Dean Malenko - Malenko was a solid wrestler at WCW but that match with Mysterio at Mysterio's WCW debut match was outstanding. He's also worked very well with Jericho. Malenko was definitely better in WCW than WWE as he had better matches.

    Ultimo Dragon - He was an exceptional wrestler in WCW. He has had plenty of really good matches. His match with Jericho at Bash At The Beach is one of the best matches in WCW. I think that Mysterio was the best guy for him to work with as they have had some amazing matches. His matches with Malenko were very good. More than two of his matches with Malenko were more than ****. Not saying five star but something like(****1/2 or ****1/4).

    Rey Mysterio - One of the best in WCW. An incredibly talented wrestler in WCW and already in his debut match in WCW, he had an outstanding match with Malenko. He has also had great matches with Eddie, Ultimo Dragon and even Juventud Guerrera.

    Juventud Guerrera - Juventud is very underrated and was one of the best wrestlers in WCW outside of the top ten. Look at his matches with Billy Kidman, Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio. He had a lot of potential in WCW.

    Gregory Helms - Helms was decent in WCW and he was in a spectacular ladder match. He also had a lot of three star matches. His match quality isn't half-bad.

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    It'll be Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. He'll have Great Matches with Rey Mysterio, Shinjino Otani and more. The Team Match in WCW/AAA on the same around 1994.

    Rey Mysterio go anywhere to have Classic Matches with Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Ultimo Dragon, Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera. and much more.

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    None. Wrestling is fake

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