Why doesnt my laptop charge when its on but it does when its off.?

My windows 7 ultimate acer charger port broke and i replaced it with a lenovo charger port, im currently charging with a lenovo charger. when the laptop is off it charges but the moment i turn it on it stops charging. i tried removing the battery to see if the laptop would go on, it went on for less than 1 sec and immediaty shut down after. and i retried atleast 15 times it gave me the same result except 1 time it went on for more than 3 seconds and shutdown again.  

pls take into note the laptop is also more than 4 years old and havent been used for atleast 2 years and is only being powered up after 1 or 2 years after its charger port broke


Windows 7 ultimate

lenovo charger port and charger connected.

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    7 months ago
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    Laptops can tell what type of charger is connected to it.  If it senses a charger that is not genuine it will either reject it and\or switch to a very low power mode that won't be enough to both power the laptop and charge the battery at the same time.  Your laptop knows you are using something other than a Acer charger and thinks it might not be safe so it's refusing to use it.  

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    • Hans7 months agoReport

      ive confurmed the charger is 3.42a and the battery needs 3.52a so hopefully i just need a new charger

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    7 months ago

    you cannot use just any charger with a laptop. even if the plug fits, it may actually damage the hardware.

    at the very least, you must be sure the voltage and amperage are identical on the charger as listed on the laptop bottom (possibly under the battery).

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