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I7 vs I5 with integrated graphics ?

Will an I7 with integrated graphics run or perform any better than an I5.  I am just guessing because I7 has hyperthreading , more cores, turbo boost can boost higher it's performance would be better.  I am getting a laptop for college but on a budget so want to play some games.  I will be living on campus not much room for a desktop PC.  Hence why I am buying the laptop.

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  • Fulano
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    10 months ago

    It still depends on what games you're playing, but if you're buying a laptop for the purpose of gaming you're going to want get one with a dedicated video chip, even if you get a slightly older laptop to get a faster GPU.

    There's a balance between the CPU and graphics in running a game. If you've got a terrible graphics processor (like integrated graphics) the CPU isn't going to matter, because all of the games are going to be limited by the poor performance of the graphics card.

    The game's needs vary though, some games need better CPU performance, most need better graphics performance.

  • Shadow
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    10 months ago

    CPU integrated graphics are not really designed for games. You may be able to run then but they won't run well. It's better if you get a laptop with a dedicated graphics chip. It will make the laptop more expensive but the extra cost will pay off in the long run.

    Also, most integrated chips are basically the same across the generation of processors. The main difference between i5's and '7s is with the bus, cores, cache and other addon tech.

  • 10 months ago

       Hi. Few mentions for You.

       1)  Since You're buying new You'll have Windows 10, this means any gaming would need a dedicated graphics card with supported drivers for Win10, which is still highly unstable with MOST hardware drivers.

       2)  You could actually get what's called an "(U)ltra (S)mall (F)orm (F)actor PC" that would be used only in Your dorm room for gaming - or a mid-tower system for about $125 that would allow You to run any OS You want with a lot more games choices, & an add-on video card, & You can use the desktop PC on most newer TV sets for a better video gaming screen experience with better-than-laptop speakers too.

       3)   You could then use the additional saved funds to pick up a used laptop for about $45US that can be used for just schoolwork & watching Netflix & DVDs with a new GF / BF / Community room at Her dorm (with the whole 3rd floor) / Etc. on a Saturday night.


  • VP
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    10 months ago

    The keyword in your sentence was "integrated." Replace that thing with a real Graphics card and enjoy playing your games.

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  • Dave
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    10 months ago

    You really need to define what "games" you are talking about. Most games need more then integrated graphics. You need an actual discrete/dedicated video card. Unless you're talking about garbage games like minecraft, etc.

  • P
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    10 months ago

    Integrated graphics won't be able to play most games even on an i7.  The i7 will be faster , but even 20% faster than slow is still going to be unplayable in most cases.  On a budget you need to seek a used laptop with dedicated graphics.  You can get some really good deals on laptops several years old that will be able to play games from the steam store perfectly.    It would be a huge mistake to purchase a new laptop with integrated graphics if you expect to play games.   If you let me know your budget I can see what would be an option.

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