Ps4 to ps5?

I’ve never upgraded a console before. My last console was an Xbox360 so with a switch from Microsoft to Sony it’s obvious it would transfer data. But what about ps3 to ps4? I’m wondering because I have a ps4 but when the ps5 comes out I want to switch but will I be able to still have my games? And if so what about the data on those games? Like levels and in game currency.

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  • 10 months ago
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    Sony has already announced that PS5 will be 100% backward compatible with PS4. So any games and accessories that you have will work with it.

    You will have to re-download any digital games and re-install any games from disk to the system, but everything should carry over.

    Depending on the game and if it supports cloud saves will determine if the save data will be migrated over or if you have to start over.

  • 10 months ago

    If the PS5 is like the PS4 in that it isn't backwards compatible, then none of your games or progress will transfer over or be playable on the PS5. You should still be able to use your existing PSN account, but none of the purchases made for older consoles will transfer if the PS5 is in fact not backwards compatible.

    We're all speculating here, so no one can magically tell you exactly what the process (if there is one) will be like. You'll just have to wait until Sony gives more information and/or when the console launches in about a year.

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