What are the steps to get a friend in the Philippines to the US?

Hi! My mom and I did look up some of the prices, and what we would have to do because my friend is considered a minor still, as am I. I do remember at some point my mom said that we wouldn't be able to help pay, but at another time she said we would, and she's easily angered so I can only ask her about it once every few months, I would at least like to know for myself so I can ask my dad as well, and maybe even get a job to help. I'm aware I could've looked this up myself but I'm not sure how to word it, short enough for google to pull what I want, if anyone knows I would also like to know what else I would have to do!

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  • 9 months ago

    As a tourist or for longer?

    You can look up flight costs on sites like SkyScanner

    Obviously on top of those is a passport (if she doesn't have one), visa (if required), travel insurance, and all other related costs

    • anonymous9 months agoReport

      Yes, I have the costs of flights and the minor program in certain airlines! My friend told me a passport is about 5,200 philippine peso I think? I'll look up more about the other things, is that all I need to know? I'd like to be really prepared :D

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